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Dance your way Through Life

35 years of a long history in dance, presented with honesty, hard honourable work, reliability, and generosity.

Our Classes

Explore Our Diverse Class Offerings and Discover a World of Movement

I.S.T.D - Modern
Theatre Dance

An English examination system offering dance qualifications for children and professional dance teaching qualifications for adults.

moving at home - creative movements.jpg
Moving at Home -
Creative movement

The expression of a personal idea or concept, through the movement of the body.


 A lesson which focuses on the development of creativity and imagination through physical movement.

Jazz Awards.jpg

The Jazz Awards provide a basic grounding in modern jazz.

body conditioning.jpg
Body Conditioning
by Natasa

A holistic, wellness practice for adults.

Stretching with
Melina Ioannidou

Enhance flexibility, balance, and strength with dynamic stretches inspired by yoga and dance.


Based on the techniques of Martha Graham, Hose Limon, Hawkins, Cohan, Release, and Contact Improvisation. 

Basic Choreographic Tools_edited.jpg
Basic Choreographic

Choreographic tools and Preparation for Dance auditions- workshops for teachers and dance students.

Workshop for Teachers.jpg
for Teachers

In our workshops, we focus on the natural kinesthetic method of Creative movement and dance where the main tool is our body.

What Our Students Say

"I had never exercised systematically in my life, so I had many deficiencies and, due to spending many hours in front of the computer, I had many musculoskeletal issues. I was full of anxiety! With Body Conditioning classes, I see improvement on all levels! Change of body posture, change of mindset! The holistic approach through the combination of mind, body, and spirit empowerment works perfectly for me! The various techniques with the grace transmitted to us due to your experience in dance, the complete understanding of our weaknesses, and the gentle way corrections are made have helped me both physically and psychologically!"

Elpida S.

"We dance to stay inspired, connected and celebrate life!"

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