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About Us

Welcome to Moving Arts by Natasa Georgiou

The Moving Arts was founded in 1989 by the choreographer, dance educator, creative movement researcher, and fellow ISTD modern theatre dance examiner Natasa Georgiou. It is an educational centre for modern, contemporary dance and creative movement, and Body Conditioning for joy and well-being. 

We encourage a humanistic and holistic approach to learning body movement through our innovative educational programs and strengthen ingenuity, creativity, and imagination through effective teaching methods. Together with the children, we create imaginative performances based on our own contemporary thematic stories, concerning the environment, society, and humanity. 

We aim to unleash the highest expression of the soul through the art of creative movement and dance to maintain the well-being of the body, mind, and soul. Our school offers high-quality training and supports each child and adult to unfold to their full potential. 

We follow the English examination system ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) for those children who wish to receive credits from British universities. 

We stand out because we truly care! We maintain small groups of ten children to offer maximum attention to each child. We recognize the uniqueness of each one of our students and nurture each one of them to develop technically, artistically, and emotionally. 

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Our students have fun while learning and deepening into the exciting world of dance. The uniqueness of our school prevails through the inspiring work, the creative and effective teaching methods, the friendly and caring approach to students and parents, and promoting the way of thinking outside the box. 

We encourage environmental awareness, for this reason in our performances, we avoid pompous sets, and, in our school, we recycle, reuse, and borrow materials and costumes. We communicate with parents via email to save paper. We never buy disposable cups, and we have a special filter for drinking water.

A productive student-teacher relationship is vital to us! We know how important it is for our students to feel cared about therefore we invest time to actively listen and respond to their individual needs. 

Dance for us is the way to celebrate life, share, communicate, enjoy, and express our genuine feelings while strengthening our body, mind, and spirit.

"Enjoy happiness and fulfillment in dance!"

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