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Moving Arts Class

Contemporary Dance


Gravity, oscillation, fall, rebound, balance.


“Contemporary dance is as thrilling and seductive as it is unsettling and provocative. Contemporary dance can at times be perceived as inaccessible. Yet for over thirty years, contemporary dance has been crushing our deeply held beliefs and offering new perspectives on the world around us. Today the wide variety of dance styles, the mixing genres, and their interplay with the worlds of theatre, music, and the visual arts have given dance new creative potential.  Everything seems to be invented or reinvented in real-time.” 

Philippe Noisette

The Contemporary Dance which is taught in our school is based on the techniques of Martha Graham, Hose Limon, Release, and Contact Improvisation. The students get the chance to experience a variety of styles and techniques to develop their diversity in style, strength, stamina, and skills. We also encourage their personal development in artistry and aesthetics through movement analysis and discussions on contemporary dance works.

For those students who wish to do exams in contemporary dance, we offer the I.S.T.D Contemporary which was created by the well-known dancer, choreographer, philosopher, and Artistic Director of the Rambert School (from 1985–2015) Dr Ross McKim.


Our Contemporary dance syllabus is informed by Eastern concepts of subtle energy and draws influence from choreographers Graham, Hawkins, and Cohan. This syllabus aims to introduce students to the fundamentals of Contemporary dance technique and performance by approaching different movement themes at each level, specially created solos, and the inclusion of structured improvisation to enable students to explore, develop and create their own movement vocabulary. There are three levels of the syllabus: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced 1.


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