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Past Performances

Dive into our performances, relive the magic, and experience the dynamic history of Moving Arts Centre.



The Star of the Endless Day (1995)

We often reach a dead and when confronted by some of our problems, many of us search for solutions by escaping into our dreams. We wish to find ourselves in a more dreamlike and magical world. 
Young Thomas chooses such a world. He leaves his home, wanders around, searches, and finally finds the star of the endless day. His journey is long and difficult, but he arrives. He lives and enjoys this fantastic world until he realizes how lonely he feels. No matter how beautiful the isolation is decorated, it is still isolation, and the problem doesn't cease to exist. He begins to feel nostalgic and homesick. Yet there is no way of return. A bird will show him the solution. And the solution proves to lie within the problem itself if he only learns to work it out to his benefit. Therefore, he decides to return home and fight his battle wisely.


The Voice of the Forest (1998)

An endless world of inspiration, the world of Walt Disney. Characters who won the hearts of young and old all over the world. In this story, our friends Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Clarabelle, and Goofy prepare to go on an excursion to the forest, not suspecting what wild adventures they will get into. Arriving in the forest, they will be greeted by birds, butterflies, and Tinkerbell. But later the hunters, the enraged bees, and the hungry ants will make an appearance. Even a crocodile will threaten them. With Tinkerbell's help, they will try to calm nature which is angry due to the thoughtless destruction by man, to have a peaceful and beautiful picnic.



Deep Blue (2002)

Deep blue sea, a source of life and inspiration, colorful and mysterious, so beautiful, and yet we carelessly destroy. Either by throwing litter in the sea or even forgetting to collect it from the beach, oil spilled from the ships, filthy waste from factories, inconsiderate fishing with dynamite, hunting whales and other species threatened by extinction. 
And these are only a few examples of how mankind pollutes and destroys the deep blue sea. With this show, we hope to raise awareness among everyone to protect the environment in better ways.


Variety Parade (2004)

A very special show, a focal point in our school’s history since we said goodbye to some of the first students who started dancing at our school on the first day of the establishment of Moving Arts in 1989.

do you believe in fairies.jpg


Do you Believe in Fairies? (2006 and 2007) 

Do you believe in Fairies?
If not, surely tonight, something is going to change inside...
Because Fairies and Elves, live somewhere between your heart and your mind!
For any good call Fairies to help.
For all the bad, responsible are the Elves.
In our story, the Fairies of the world, gather to welcome the new Fairy- baby, and the Mother Fairy is expecting them all!
The new baby has arrived but oh! The baby is an Elf or what?...
Oh! Lord! What on Earth!
Amongst the beautiful an ugly Elf!
The Mother Fairy ashamed and hurt, hides herself from the world!
The nasty Elves see what happened in the Fairy world, they sneak and kidnap the baby Elf.
A true Mother though can never live, without her baby...this can never be!
She then overcomes as fast as she can her sadness and shame and quickly runs,
To get her baby back in her arms.
One little detail she never thought that she had to face the father of her baby, the cleverest Elf of them all.
What will happen when that moment comes?
Would they feel compassion, acceptance, and love? And create a new tribe of Fairy–Elves? Or they would choose the path of hatred and separation and live their lives miserable and hurt?
Let's watch the story and see what will happen and how they will feel!


Jungle Tails (2010)

Have you ever been on a safari? Huh! Well, if you haven't been, we'll take you, deep into the jungle where you'll meet Litsa the lost giraffe, curious lions and foxes, colorful parrots, sly monkeys, sneaky snakes and cobras, wild bats, rock lizards and spiders, ostriches and exotic birds, carnivorous plants and more! You will live a wild storm for the experience and escape from a trap, just for fun!

jungle tails_poster.jpg


Immigrants on Planet Earth (2013)

Our show is inspired by LOVE!
We desire to take you on an inner journey to discover our true human nature and what makes us turn against ourselves and destroy our environment and by extension our planet.
We believe that what we fear will come from beyond to destroy us, the so-called aliens… have been coming for many generations and have slowly mutated into humans. That is what we are today.
After all, we are all made of the same stardust, and we have always been ΟΝΕ. What we fear will come from outside, is nothing but our inner self that we have not yet understood and reconciled enough with.
We should be able to love unconditionally who we are and accept each other to stop self-destruction! Let's find some of the stardust…!


Love in the City (2015)

Love is... To travel to magical worlds, to dance, to be happy, to share, to meet beautiful people. So while we were dancing and having fun we came up with this show... A LOVE story!



Take Me Home (2017)

The theme of this show is about separation and love. The separation that arises violently after a war, a terrorist attack, a disaster, and the love that is looking for a way to pass, to forgive, to calm things down.
The paths of two girlfriends will part, after an explosion somewhere on Earth and they will be forced to seek shelter in other worlds in spaces beyond or at the bottom of the sea since there is no longer safety on land.
After a period of searching and incredible experiences, memories acting as a magnet of love will bring them together again!


The Reunion (2020)

Once upon a time, there was a group of children, who were preparing to do a show to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their school but also to show their parents and friends, their progress and passion for dance. A strange and deadly pandemic, however, ruined their plans and suspended their rehearsals for almost three months. The children and their teachers, however, had so much love for each other and so much passion for dance, that they joined forces and transformed their love into a huge bright sword of gold and white light, they overcame the fear of the pandemic and managed to be here today, to present to you this fantastic celebration, for the joy and life.



Dream On (2022)

A pair of twin girls separate when one is adopted by a family and leaves the orphanage. Des leaves with a rich family and Nia stays behind with the children who are now her family back in the institution.
The two girls grow up in two completely different worlds, yet they are both bullied, one for her wealth and the other for her poverty.
The years go by and they finish their graduation to be at the party of their mutual friend Victoria, but they do not recognize each other. At one point, they both receive a text message on their cell phones and hurry to a nearby park.
The sequel is on stage ...!
Our show is inspired by the book Pollyanna - The Game of Joy by Eleanor Porter, a novel about a girl who had learned from her father to play the game of joy which is the secret to human happiness. Where every negative situation turns into a process of evolution and joy, and how it all fits into the reality we are experiencing today.
Through so many difficulties and limitations, we made it!
Our children just like us, will remember this period as a period when while all humanity was in panic, we worked tirelessly, with love and faith that everything would go well.

"If your dream is to dance, follow it!"

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