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June in the Castle of Mint (2024)

An educational trip with the school to the "Castle of Mint" has an incredible adventure in store for some of the children who bypass the teacher's instructions and get lost inside the castle. Despite strict recommendations, they will take a "selfie" in front of the "magic mirror", which will somehow inexplicably send them back to the Middle Ages. There they will meet a "witch", Beatrice, and her black cat, Elia. They will get to know her habits, visit her botanical garden, they will help ease the pain of the sick lady of the castle Rosita, come face to face with the vicious guard Sathor and the ghosts of the castle, and finally, try to return to the present, bringing along with them their new friend, and her cat. When they succeed, they will be taught that pure friendship and unity against evil can overcome anything, even paradox.

Adaptation for stage: Natasa Georgiou, Ismini Pafiti

Music selection and Choreographies: Melina Ioannidou

Duration: 80min

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"Embark on this amazing journey and Dance your way through Life!"

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